Argilla In Tuscany
Casa Argilla Garfagnana

To visit to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: Ariostesca the Rock, the Museum of the Ligurian, the fortress of Monte Alfonzo, the Romanesque Cathedral of the sixteenth
Pieve Fosciana: two steps from us one of the few water mills still in operation.
Castiglione di Garfagnana: the magnificent fortified with walls built in the fourteenth century to protect the castle. The complex is beautifully kept up to date.
San Pellegrino in Alpe: characteristic village 's Apennines with the Sanctuary and The Museum of Farming the instruments work and tradition.
San Romano: surrounded by mighty outer walls that made it a stronghold after the sixteenth century Estense. Fortress Verrucole 's namesake medieval village. Zhe view 'the most beautiful views of the Garfagnana dominance of the complex (655 m asl)
Barga: the ninth-century cathedral with its Romanesque facade, rich in works of the Della Robbia school, beautiful stained glass and alabaster.
Castelvecchio Pascoli, the house museum of the poet Giovanni Pascoli.
Bagni di Lucca: the Spa Complex with its 19 springs, the English Church 's Hospital Demidoff, the Chain Bridge, the casino, villas and numerous churches and Romanesque churches located in the immediate vicinity.
Borgo a Mozzano: Magdalen Bridge, better known as Devil's Bridge, the picturesque bridge on the river Serchio dating from the fourteenth century. Because of its unusual shape, the manufacturer legend come to terms with the devil to build it.
Vergemoli: Hermitage Calomini, very impressive cave-shrine, carved into the cliff. web agency
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