Argilla In Tuscany
Casa Argilla Garfagnana

Caves to visit: Wind Cave and Cave of Corchia two interesting caves with stalactites and stalagmites.
Parks and Nature Reserves: Orecchiella Apennines and offer tours of rare beauty, with a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Interesting to see also the Botanical Gardens.
Lakes: Garfagnana is blessed with water and lakes, natural or artificial. The largest lake
great and famous is Lake Screeners, famous because in the deepest point lies the country of manufacture Careggine, who returns magically to light every time the sluice lake drained for maintenance. The "ghost town" was visited by over a million curious visitors. The little ship, offers trips for groups. You can do canoeing and windsurfing,
fish or swim and abbornzarsi in the new pool.
Also purchased the Lake Pontecosi known for the "Festival of Lake" summer event with entertainment, food and cultural activities. To complete, but only for reasons of space, L 'Ravine Botri, real canyon with high walls and narrow, excavated by Lima River, able to give strong emotions to visitors.
The Lima River, and the must for lovers of the canoe, one of the finest gyms in central natural, clear water and impetuous in most of the year. web agency
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